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six hearts beat as one [bleach moodtheme]

Okay, so I know this isn't fic, but I'm in my Bleach-crazed mode at the moment, and while I was rewatching the series, I decided to do something productive (like watching Bleach isn't productive enough, right?), and make an animated moodtheme for the series!


❥ There are 132 files in the zip and they are all .gifs so all moods are animated
❥ This moodtheme focuses on Ichigo, Orihime, Rukia, Renji, Ishida and Chad (hence the title of the post), although there are sprinkles of other characters. I was planning on doing one with just the Gotei-13, but we'll see how we go
❥ If you would like a preview before you download, please comment and I will send you the URL. The only reason I'm not putting it up is because I'm not sure my Photobucket account can handle it, sorry!
❥ I tried to keep this general, but if there are leaks of my character/pairing bias, I apologise
❥ For those of you who simply cannot stand to have a particular character in your moodtheme, or you have a particular scene you wish to substitute, I am happy to do up to five re-dos for people, as long as you provide me with the exact episode and scene you want. This offer stands for as long as I am motivated to do it, so first come, first serve
❥ I've attached the admin console codes so you can follow instructions from this post and I've tried them out personally so I know they work. Some tips: 'pissed off' can have issues, so just double check the URL; also, don't make your folder name too long if you're using Photobucket, it seems like LJ can't quite handle it
❥ DO NOT HOTLINK (which will only apply to those who see the preview) and do not spread or share without my permission. Doing either (or both!) of these things will make me chuck a spazz, so please don't!
❥ If you have any questions or problems, please let me know and I will try and help
❥ Please credit somewhere in your journal/profile if you are using
❥ Please comment! This took me forever to do and a little appreciation would make my day (and may serve as motivation for making the Gotei-13 moodtheme) ♥♥♥

Other than that, please enjoy! ❤❤❤
Tags: !moodtheme, fandom: bleach
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