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drabbles (fruits basket, bleach, fullmetal alchemist)

All fics are for 31_days_exchnge

title. the ties that bind
series. Fruits Basket
character/pairing. Kureno-centric, slight Kureno/Akito and Shigure/Akito
prompt. 10 // The edge of the sky
rating. G
word count. 100
summary. His heart feels heavy in his chest and he wonders if this is how it feels to be tied to the ground
disclaimer. Fruits Basket belongs to Takaya Natsuki

Shigure looks at him, and Kureno can see the obvious resentment in his gaze, just because he is Akito’s ‘favourite’.

Shigure doesn’t realise how different Kureno is. Shigure would call him a selfish fool for staying by Akito despite his curse breaking. Kureno would not disagree.

He stares up at that blue blue sky, and knows he will never spread his wings, never take flight again.

His heart feels heavy in his chest and he wonders if this is how it feels to be tied to the ground.

Shigure wants to be by Akito’s side.

Kureno wants to be free.

title. somewhere, over the rainbow
series. Bleach
character/pairing. Orihime, Sora [gen]
prompt. 18 // A rainbow of eighteen colours
rating. PG
word count. 300
summary. Someday, he promises her, someday I’ll get you away from here
disclaimer. Bleach belongs to Kubo Tite

He can hear her crying as soon as he steps through the door. No matter how quickly he runs, it doesn’t feel fast enough. She’s already crying, already in pain, already hurt. He hurtles into her room and their father is standing over her, his hand raised.

Sora catches his wrist and shouts, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

His father shakes him off easily and Sora resents his father’s strength, hates that it means that he cannot protect himself from his fists, let alone protect Orihime.

“It’s not my fault she’s an idiot.” he snarls before storming out of the room. Sora leaps across the room towards her but she has already stopped crying and he feels utterly useless.

“He got mad.” she whispers. “I just wanted to draw him a picture.”

Sora sees the drawing, torn, ripped to shreds, of a mother, father, brother and sister, standing outside a house he’s sure gravity would bring down in reality. A rainbow of too many colours dominates the picture, a sun smiling brightly and only two fluffy clouds in the sky.

It represents everything that they’re not, everything that they do not have and he holds her to him tightly.

“It’s okay,” he whispered in her hair, “I love it. We’ll fix it with some tape and we’ll keep it in my room.”

“He said it was all wrong. A rainbow doesn’t look like that, and the sun doesn’t smile and we’re not happy.” she sniffles and his heart shatters into pieces, like the scraps of paper on the floor.

“Someday, I’ll take you away from here.” he promises. “Someday we’ll be happy and you can draw whatever you want to.”

He keeps the picture on his wall, as a reminder of all the things he promised her.

title. just the two of us
series. Fullmetal Alchemist
character/pairing. Gracia-centric, Gracia/Maes
prompt. 20 // You and I
rating. G
word count. 100
summary. She already knows things will never be the same again, already aware of the hole in their lives she can never fill
disclaimer. Fullmetal Alchemist belongs to Arakawa Hiromu

She carries her sleeping daughter in her arms, steps over the threshold and shuts the door.

Already she’s aware of the silence, of the conversations never had, words never spoken. Aware of all the moments he will miss, all the moments she will miss him. They will miss him.

She’s aware of the Maes-shaped hole in their lives and already knows it’s a hole she can never fill.

Fighting back the tears, she holds her daughter to her desperately (like she would go away, just like him) and whispers into her blonde curls, “It’s just you and me now, Elysia.”
Tags: !fic, character: gracia hughes, character: inoue orihime, character: inoue sora, character: sohma akito, character: sohma kureno, character: sohma shigure, community: 31_days_exchnge, fandom: bleach, fandom: fruits basket, fandom: fullmetal alchemist, pairing: kureno/akito, pairing: maes/gracia, pairing: shigure/akito
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